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School - Class of 1927

Following “Isn’t It True” reprinted from an insert in a Happy School Days “Memory Book” belonging to Laurena Wobig, a 1927 graduate of Pine Island High School.

Isn’t It True?

When you get to know a fellow, know
His joys and know his cares,
When you’ve come to understand him
And the burdens that he bears
When you’ve learned the fight he’s making
And troubles in his way,
Then you find that he is different than 
You thought him yesterday.
You find his faults are trivial and
There’s not so much to blame
In the brother that you jeered at when
You only knew his name.

You are quick to see the blemish in the
Distant neighbor’s style,
You can point to all his errors and may
Sneer at him the while,
And your prejudices fatten and your
Hates more violent grow
As you talk about the failures of the
Man you do not know,
But when drawn a little closer, and your
Hands and shoulders touch,
You find the traits you hated really
Don’t amount to much.

When you get to know a fellow, know
His every mood and whim,
You begin to find the test of the 
Splendid side of him;
You begin to understand him, and you
Cease to scoff and sneer,
For with understanding always
Prejudices disappear.
You begin to find his virtues and his
Faults you cease to tell,
For you seldom hate a fellow when you
Know him very well.

When next you start in sneering and
Your phrases turn to blame,
Know more of him you censure than
His business and his name,
For it’s likely that acquaintance would 
Your prejudice dispel
And you‘d really come to like him if
You knew him very well.
When you get to know a fellow and
You understand his ways,
Then his faults won’t really matter, for
You’ll find a lot to praise.

Author unknown

Laurena was the daughter of August & Ida Glamm Wobig.  They lived in a house which sat behind the hardware store in what is now the City Parking Lot.  Laurena Wobig married Harold Johnson in June of 1931.  They had one daughter, Susan.  Laurena and Harold are both deceased.

Other information found in Laurena’s memory book:

Class Motto: “Sunrise – not sunset”
Class Flower: Pink Rose
Class Colors: Rose and Silver
Class Pin or Ring:  Gold and Black Onyx

Commencement Exercises
Friday Evening, June Third
at eight-fifteen o’clock
Blue Mouse Theatre.

Senior Class Members of 1927
Miriam Sheldon, valedictorian
Ruth Bringgold, salutatorian

Izola Rew; Bernice Shay; Pauline Zelder;
 Maxine Stoddard; Florence Mentzel;
 Gwyneth Vandewalker; Helen Shay;
 Bertha Soldner; Laurena Wobig; Harold Reiter; George Reynolds; Henning Peterson;
 Mead Coalwell.

School Colors:  Purple and Gold

Last Will and Testament
hand written on page 151, 152, 153;

Class History
hand written on pages 155-158;

Class Prophecy
hand written on pages 159-164;

Sports - 1926-1927

Football:  There was no football team because of the inability of a sufficient number of players to obtain permits from their parents.

Basketball Team:  Harold Reiter, Captain; George Reynolds; Caryl Closner; Henning Peterson; Lyle Erwin; Lyman Bringgold; Delevan Sheldon, Coach Edward Felien “Felix”. (page 109)