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Pieces of Pine Island's Past

Drs. Mayo

(Pine Island Record – July 22, 1898)

Drs. Will and Chas. Mayo came up from Rochester Tuesday evening and were assisted by Dr. Chas. Hill in performing an operation for appendicitis on Bertie Collins. The operation was the boy's only chance for life and his condition at the time of operation was of such a critical nature that the doctor's are not very hopeful of his recovery.

(Pine Island Record – July 28, 1898)

Bertie Collins, who for more than a week was not expected to live, is now safely on the road to recovery.

FYI: Bertie was born on November 30, 1883. A. B. (Bert) and his wife Sarah lived in the History Center house from 1935 to the time of his death in 1965.

Boy Scouts - 1935

(Pine Island Record August 1, 1935)

At the invitation of President Franklin D. Roosevelt 30,000 scouts will be camped at the Nation's Capital for ten days to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. Don Tome of Pine Island Scout Troop Number 69 will be their official representative at the Washington Jamboree. Note: This jamboree was canceled because of the polio epidemic and was held two years later (see below).

(Pine Island Record June 24, 1937)

Don Tome will leave Saturday for the National Boy Scout Jamboree, being held at Washington, D.C.

FYI: Mr. Don Tome's Boy Scout Shirt and badges are on display at the Pine Island Area History Center.

(Pine Island Record - June 17, 1937)

The Pine Island Boy Scout Troop attended the Gamehaven Area Camperoo at Lanesboro. Pine Island had one of the largest troops with 20 scouts present. They were also the only troop with their own band. 

Girl Scouts – 1957

(Pine Island Record March 21, 1957)

Village Girl Scouts will be ringing your doorbell with cookies for sale. Cookies will sell for 40 cents a box. Mrs. Paul McIntosh and Mrs. James Jenkins are co-chairmen of the event.

Christmas Seals

(Pine Island Record December 1, 1943)

Mayor Wilbert P. Iwen endorsed the sale of Christmas Seals, encouraging every man, woman and child to donate generously to their sales, to raise funds for the fight against tuberculosis. "Let every card and package carry these decorations, attesting that our community is alive to its responsibilities," he said.

(Pine Island Record December 16, 1954)

The Mantoux tuberculin tests, a simple skin test, is being widely used in Minnesota as part of the Christmas Seal program to search out those infected with tuberculosis. It is estimated that one in every four persons in Minnesota has the germs of tuberculosis in his body.

Store Ads:

(Pine Island Record 1944)

Ring bologna costs 27 cents a lb. at the Red Owl Agency Food store. Their phone number is 10.

Reiter's Fairway Foods

(Pine Island Record November 25, 1954)

"Campbell's Mushroom Soup 2 cans, 35 cents".

Barry Pickin's

(Pine Island Record October 19, 1944 - Chester L. Barry, Editor)

"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does."

(Pine Island Record September 15, 1955)

The Pine Island Record, for the last 15 years published by Mr. and Mrs. Chester D. Barry, became the property of Francis T. (Ted) Randolph of St. Paul. Joseph Rehling will continue as shop foreman and Donald McPherson will remain as shop assistant.

Bale's Pine Island Pharmacy

(Pine Island Record December 26, 1974)

Drugstories by Jim: If you have lived through babyhood – all danger of being killed by kindness is over."