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Learning and Liberty: Our Roots, Our Future

From the November 15, 1989 issue of the Pine Island Record: In conjunction with American Education Week’s theme “Our Roots, Our Future” a trivia quiz concerning the history of the City of Pine Island and the Pine Island School was developed. Originally the quiz had 41 questions. Below is a partial listing of the questions.

Winner of the Trivia Quiz in 1989 was Mary Anne Owen. Mary Anne won a Pine Island mug for her efforts. Now lets see how you do.

  1. In what two year period was Pine Island surveyed and platted?
  2. Who started the saw mill in 1856?
  3. What was the weight of the piece of cheddar cheese made in Pine Island and exhibited at the 1911 Minnesota State Fair? (It measured 6 feet in diameter, 4 feet 6 inches in height, and 19 feet in circumference. It represented 700,000 pounds of milk from 3,300 cows on 250 farms.
  4. When was the first school organized ? Who was the first teacher?
  5. What was the Baptist Church building originally used for?
  6. What book tells the story of the Collins family settlement in Pine Island in the 1800’s?
  7. What Pine Island company began operations in 1919 and provided boxes for storage and shipment of cheese?
  8. What were the Pine Island High School athletic teams nicknamed in the 1930-40’s?
  9. Name the monthly salaries of Pine Island High School teachers in the early 1900’s. (The males made twice that of female teachers.)
  10. What Pine Island teacher’s grandfather’s name is engraved on the bell in the city hall clock tower?
  11. In what year did the Cheese Mart move from old Highway 52 to it’s present location?
  12. What two public buildings were built in 1909 and 1916 respectively, and are still used today for their original purposes?
  13. When did the Golden Bell (also known as the Carcajou) close for the final time? Who owned it at the time?
  14. When the Pine Island Care Center (Pine Haven Nursing Home) opened in August, 1964, how many rooms were available for patients?
  15. In 1900 what prominent Pine Island businessman owned a bank, a brick factory, a feed mill, and a race track all located in Pine Island?
  16. The first Pine Log (school annual) was published in 1941 under the supervision of what dedicated, former Pine Island High School teacher?
  17. In 1896, at the local barbershop in the basement of the Opera House Building a man could get three things. Two of these were a haircut and a shave. Name the third.
  18. What was the construction cost of the 1904 brick school building?

Answers in this newsletter.

Answers to Trivia Quiz

  1. 1856-57
  2. Haggard & Hayward
  3. 3 ton
  4. 1856-Annette Seek
  5. movie theater
  6. Peter the Pioneer
  7. Iwen Box & Lumber Co.
  8. Islanders
  9. $48/month females $96/month male
  10. Janice Thompson
  11. 1969
  12. City Hall ’09, Van Horn Library ’16
  13. 1979 Leigh & Shirley Bell
  14. 37 rooms
  15. Loomis Irish
  16. Miss Burreson (Mrs. Harold (Ella) Reiter)
  17. A bath
  18. $10,500