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Isabel Jewell - Movie Star

Isabel Jewell was born July 19, 1907* in Shoshone, Wyoming to Dr. Lee and Livia Jewell.  She was an only child.  (* some Hollywood sources say the year of her birth was ’09, ’10, or ’13.)  

Isabel’s great-grandparents, Moses and Martha Jewell were among the first settlers in Pine Island in 1856.  Her grandparents, W.W. and Mary Isabel Jewell owned a drugstore in Pine Island from 1874 to the early 1900s.  Her parents, Dr. E. Lee and Livia Jewell moved to Shoshone, Wyoming in 1905. 

Isabel attended high school in Faribault, Minnesota at St. Mary’s Hall.  While attending college in Lexington, Kentucky  she became interested in the theater.  Her first acting jobs were with Stock Company’s in Chicago and Lincoln Nebraska.  She ended up on Broadway in plays such as “Up Pops the Devil” and “Blessed Event”.  “Blessed Event” was turned into a film and she moved to Hollywood to recreate her roll in it. 

Isabel was involved in many movies.    She was cast as Emmy Slattery in “Gone With the Wind” also starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.  Other movies were Lost Horizon, Tale of Two Cities, Northwest Passage, etc. 

Isabel Jewell died in 1972.   She had been married several times.  She had no children.  

(Printed in Pine Island Area Historical Society Newsletter January 2006)