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Baumgartner’s Place

In the 1930’s George Baumgartner operated a pool hall on Main Street.  The pool hall was in the building which is now the Pine Island Post Office.

In the late 1930’s through the mid-to-late 1950’s, Mr. Baumgartner owned a cement business and also sold farm equipment such as Jamesway products.  The business was located in an area behind the current bowling alley.

George was born in 1896.  In 1921 George and Gladys Parkin were married.   A daughter, Bette Suttlemyre, currently lives in Pine Island.

George Baumgartner died in 1958; Gladys Baumgartner died in 1986.

Thank you Bette for sharing family information.

(Printed in Pine Island Area Historical Society Newsletter   January 2009)